Materials #2 -Paint

Lets talk about paint!

Depending on what you're painting depends on the kind of paint, and sealer you're going to use.

First always wash your sculpture or prop! Resin and Plastics I use Simple Green and water to clean or Prep-All.  Latex I use Alcohol, and Acetone for Silicone. 


With all resin/plastic painting I primer the figure or sculpture first with Krylon grey or white primer.  My goto paints are Folk Art acrylics and FW acrylic ink. I've been using these for years and they have never let me down. You can get them at most arts and crafts stores. To seal the paint I use standard krylon acrylic clear coat. 


A life size latex bust, I would also paint with Folk Art paints and FW, using mostly washes and spattering. I will usually combine my paint with a latex paint base, I get mine from Reynolds Advance Materials. This helps the paint stick and flex with the latex. 

Now for sealing the latex once finished painting I use Krylon crystal clear with latex base. This in thin layers is great and doesn't crack. 


Silicone painting is tricky but not as hard as you would think. I use the cheapest oil paints you can buy, Reeves is the brand I used last. Shinetsu silicone caulking, this is hard to find. I got mine last at Nigel Beauty Emporium.  This is what you mix in with your paint so it'll stick to the silicone. Naphtha, this is your thinner to turn the caulking into liquid. 

Get a thick plastic cup, add a quarter size glob of silicone caulking, add a splash of Naphtha and mix, keep adding thinner until the silicone is pretty well disappeared. Then add a small glob of oil paint. 

ALWAYS WEAR A MASK! Naphtha is basically lighter fluid so well ventilation and all safety measures must be taken when handling this.

Once everything is mixed you can put in in an airbrush and paint away! Once finished, to seal your painted silicone piece, just do the silicone and naphtha mixture but don't add any paint. You can also get Novocs from Smooth-On and add a splash of that which makes your clear coat a matte finish.  

Silicone is a huge pain in the butt so I recommend Latex or resin for beginners. 

Well this is just the basics for the paints I use! Ask any questions, it isn't as hard as it sounds, just get some color and start throwing it on your project!