The question I get asked posted frequently is "What materials do you use?" Now I have to admit, I was once asking the same question! So here is a basic breakdown of materials for those who want to try there hand at sculpting!

First is the basic, Clay. When starting a sculpture you need to ask yourself these basic questions... 

"How big will my sculpture be?"

"How intricate will my sculpture be?"

"Will I mold this?"

"Will I want to paint this once I finish sculpting it?"

Now here is my basic goto list when choosing the proper clay. 

WED clay

  • This is best for large scale sculpting, full size busts that will be made into masks or prop
  • Water based clay, so its a little messy and will dry out if not properly covered and kept damp

Super Sculpey Firm

  • Good for small scale sculpting, figure sculpting, intricate sculptures. 
  • This is an oven bake clay, once cooked its very strong and can be painted, sanded, cut, or added on to! 

Monster Clay 

  • Great for small/medium sculptures, get great deal and it definitely one of my favorites to use.
  • Oil based clay, so it needs to be warm to work with but captures great details.